MMA Junkie Staff Liquidated After “Photos: All-Time UFC Women’s Champions” Goes Live With Zero Bikini Pictures

“The use of the ‘MMA Junkie Staff’ byline shows they knew they were in the wrong.”

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The entire staff of popular mixed martial arts website MMA Junkie have been let go for a material breach of contract following the posting of a through the years post about WMMA which included no pictures of the former champions at weigh-ins, wearing bikinis in their off time or in full make-up and a pretty dress. The heinous behavior was met with a swift response from parent company USA Today.

“Our reporters understand their obligations and our expectations,” the organization said in a press release announcing the liquidation. “Unfortunately, they failed to live up to them today when they made the decision to only include photos of the champions after winning their belts and as a result they left us with no other option but to fully move on from the current staff.”

The release acknowledged some culpability by USA Today for allowing journalistic capability to carry too much weight in prior hiring decisions, and that an exhaustive search for a new staff capable of more-effectively carrying out their most important duties has begun on both The UG and the Sherdog forums.

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