Mike Breeden Deemed Not Marketable Enough to Endanger Opponents

Completely unacceptable for a fighter of his profile.

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Despite a thrilling third round comeback TKO against Anshul Jubli, Mike Breeden has not had his contract renewed with the UFC after it was determined he was simply not popular enough to excuse recklessly endangering his opponent by missing weight and failing to disclose a contagious staph infection.

“Listen, these are professional athletes,” said UFC CEO Dana White, who once got caught on camera in a club being physical with his wife then slapping her twice. “There are standards you have to meet, and risking the health and safety of another fighter is something that simply cannot be tolerated from a 1-3 undercard fighter.”

For his part, Breeden is showing he is capable of learning lessons and personal growth, acknowledging that in the future when he develops a dangerous and potentially fatal or career ending infection that could spread in a bout he will make sure not to admit to it after the fight.

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