Choke Reportedly More of a Crank

Doesn’t even really count if you think about it.

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While many believed that a grappling round between blue belt Mariah Rodriguez and white belt Kimberly Williams ended with a rear naked choke submission by Williams, new reporting has cast the public narrative into doubt. According to an anonymous source with inside information on the situation, the so-called choke wasn’t even across the throat at all, with Williams never coming close to clearing the chin and securing a chokeable position.

“I mean, it was great work getting to the back, even if [Rodriguez] was definitely going easy out there,” the anonymous source said. “It for sure got the tap in a light sparring situation, though for a real match the squeeze just wasn’t all that bad and [she] definitely would have gotten out after allowing [Williams’] arms to tire out from attacking a choke that wasn’t there, which is just something to keep in mind.”

Public response to the revelation has been mixed, with some acknowledging this new information was very interesting and helpful, while others thought the story was definitely cool.

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