Fans Increasingly Worried About 2024 Danis Fight After Social Media Influencer Announces Retirement

A potential disaster situation.

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Combat sports fans around the world are worried today with the announcement that Dillon Danis has retired from fighting, shaking fans’ previously invincible faith that Danis would not set foot anywhere near a cage or ring anytime soon. While everyone previously felt secure in their safety from the sight of Danis absent-mindedly shambling around a ring while never looking like he’s even considered doing anything exciting or functional, this latest tweet by Danis seems to hint at a busy year, with the most pessimistic fans expecting upwards of three contests in light of this recent development. Although the news has landed as a real lead weight on the overall mood around the combat sports fandom, some fans remain optimistic Danis will go back on the tweet sooner than later with the announcement of a busy slate that eases any concerns about actually having to see him “compete” anytime soon.

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