40-Year-Old Man Asks Why More Businessowners Don’t Assault Their Competition

Just hitting them out of loyalty.

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Tom DeBlass, a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt and man who definitely sounds like someone you should trust to instruct you in a sport which requires you to place your health and safety in the hands of others, recently took to his Instagram story to ask why more gym owners don’t fight their former students who open gyms. The reaction, carried out over several posts on the grappler’s story, questioned how a gym owner could allow a former student to dare to open a facility closer than they feel is appropriate and demonstrated a really normal approach to business anyone would be proud to publicly declare. The strong dedication to loyalty should be no surprise, with DeBlass a part of the larger NY/NJ Renzo Gracie family, a collection famous for its loyalty and dedication to stick up for each other against rival competitors, online haters and credible abuse allegations.

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