Everyone’s Welcome in BJJ, Agree Straight White Dudes

It’s just that, like, ya know, politics stop at the edge of the mats, bro.

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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a wonderful hobby, skill and form of self defense, not least of all because who you are and what you believe totally disappears once you step onto the mats, according to reporting by the sport’s collective of straight white male grapplers. “You know how things can be in today’s culture,” said Three Percenter Chris Sherwood, “but on the mats, none of that matters. Every gym I’ve been to has been super welcoming.”

Sherwood’s views were shared by Jiu-Jitsu players around the globe, from a man in Georgia, who paused a conversation with two teammates about which female UFC fighters were hot enough to fuck to share a post by his school extolling the virtues of the gym family, to a California professor who gushed about how at home he was made to feel at so many gyms after being relocated due to difficulties at his prior school. The martial artists also agreed that the bonds you form with your teammates can not be beaten, and you really learn to love one another, no homo.

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