Corners Clear as Fighter Throws Punch Up and In

Sometimes these things happen in MMA.

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Things got ugly at Extreme Fighting World Championships 17 after Savannah Hardin threw a punch at Macy Branson which came in high and tight, nearly striking Branson in the head. The punch was not the first time that Hardin threw a strike which nearly hit her opponent, and it was apparently one-punch-too-many for Branson’s corner who took umbrage with the dangerous tactics. This led to a full clearing of the corners, with both teams congregating in the center of the cage to bump chests and make threats. Fortunately, cooler heads prevailed, and officials were eventually able to clear the cage to resume the fight, but the respite was short-lived as a retaliatory strike from Branson caught Hardin on the thigh, leading to a second interruption and an ejection for Branson as well as both head coaches, forcing the bout’s abandonment.

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