Elusive Epic Finish Downgraded to Dumb Old Regularly Awesome Finish

Oh, a regular barn-burner to left-hook KO finish? No, that’s cool, we guess.

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A prelim fight at UFC 281 Saturday between Mike Trizano and Choi Seung-Woo flirted with delivering a rare double-KO finish in the opening seconds of their fight before instead turning it into just a stupid regularly excellent bout between well-matched opponents each capable of hurting the other, finished with a normal-ass single extremely dope finish when Trizano landed a powerful left hook in the opening frame’s closing seconds. Fans enjoyed the momentary tease of the unicorn-level finish, but swear that it’s totally fine it didn’t happen and that the rest of the fight was really good by normal standards. An anonymous source reported being totally engaged with the genuinely fun fight throughout, and they “swear on [their] mom” that nearly receiving a titanically entertaining conclusion did nothing to take the shine off the remaining four minutes and change of fight time.

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