MMA Fan Reserving Judgment on McGregor Accusations Until Podcasters Weigh In

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With allegedly-current UFC lightweight Conor McGregor once again finding himself on the accused end of sexual assault claims, MMA fan Patrick Jensen is holding off on forming an opinion until he has heard the considered opinions of his favorite MMA podcasters.

“It’s a tough situation, and you don’t want to make the wrong conclusion,” Jensen said. “That’s why I know that there is simply no way to be certain of what happened and how to feel about it until I hear the opinion of Fight Fan Phil and the Fightnatics.”

Jensen feels that a podcast where four thirty-something white dudes with no inside information can spend 30 minutes considering whether the alleged multiple-times-abusive athlete should have known better than to go into a bathroom alone with a woman, given how they can be, is the ideal way to gain a fuller understanding of the situation and develop a more informed understanding of the likely course of events. Sources close to Jensen expect him to find the crew’s argument that the woman not actively kicking and screaming when led into the bathroom proves she’s a money-chasing slut who “fucking wanted it” extremely persuasive.

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