Busted! 33-Year-Old Slightly Larger Than 20-Year-Old Self

All other explanations just don’t hold up.

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Looks like steroids are back on the menu for UFC fighters as fans have responded to Charles Oliveira’s marginal increase in physical size by singling out the only feasible explanation for inconsistent body shape from a man who has been in the UFC for virtually his entire adult life.

“Listen, I love Charles but it’s pretty obvious he’s juiced to the gills,” one fan said. “He looks easily ten pounds heavier. That’s nearly one per year. You want us to think thank that he did that naturally? And what about his face shape? What other reason could there be for a man’s facial structure to be slightly altered after only 13 additional years of MMA training, 31 UFC fights and the entirety of his 20s?”

The shocking transformation and click-inducing furor of steroid accusations hasn’t slipped past the eagle eyes of the MMA media, either, with the retained-by-SB Nation blog MMA Mania sharing the claims along with some truly damning photos of how Oliveira looked for his UFC debut in 2010 and his most recent bout just 50 clean USADA tests and 31 clean fight night tests later. Shameful! Here’s hoping the UFC suspends him for life.

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