“So Much for the UFC’s Credibility” Say Fans Who Apparently Still Gave It Some

THIS was the final straw?

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The recent decision to not renew a drug testing agreement with the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) in seeming-acquiescence to the recently bigified Conor McGregor has rocked parts the MMA fanbase into abandoning any faith in the integrity of the organization, something a large portion of the fanbase had apparently not already done years ago. The fans, many of whom have been followers of the sport for more than a decade of match-making, ranking and drug-related UFC shenanigans, have had enough and simply will not stand for the changing of providers for the potential purpose of showing favoritism to Conor McGregor, something around which they can think of no similar occasions. In light of the removal of USADA these fans feel there is simply no way to trust that the UFC, recently a defendant accusations accusations by Mark Hunt that the UFC conspired to allow a juiced-up Brock Lesnar to circumvent testing protocols despite knowing he was on the gear, will continue to take the important responsibility of keeping the sport drug free seriously.

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